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Everything you need to become a successful Cryptocurrency Investor


The Independent Investment Imprint Program

Whether you're new to investing or looking to advance your skills, get to the next level with our most comprehensive course yet.


Fast-Track Your Success

Learn from Pedro Silva, a professional investor and fund manager, and avoid all mistakes beginners make.

All-In-One Program

Our concise and easy to follow program will serve as an investment bible that you will reference and reflect on before any investment decision.


 Invest Like A Pro

Learn how to understand financial markets in any context so that you can trade like a professional investor for years into the future.

Newest Course

Independent Investment Imprint

The Independent Investment Imprint Program is the ultimate guide to becoming an expert Cryptocurrency investor, making more money, growing your portfolio, trading confidently, and more! 


What People Are Saying

Our students' success speaks volumes.

"I’ve learnt so much about investing in cryptocurrencies through this course and it will definitely have an impact in my future.

Victoria H.

"When I joined the program I had the goal of taking my income into my own hands and become better at managing my money. This was the perfect opportunity for me to improve on that and I definitely feel I have more power over my finances now.

Ross T.

"Pedro's passion for teaching made the learning process much smoother and enjoyable. Without a doubt I consider myself to be in a whole new level than I was before working with Pedro.

John S.

About Pedro Silva

Meet Pedro, a young entrepreneur from Brazil. Pedro is the founder of Mars Crypto and also a portfolio manager at the Crypto Forest Fund.

Pedro spread his wings and moved across the world, leaving his family in Brazil, and made his own way in Sydney, Australia. The struggles of working his way through a top university studying Mechanical Engineering sparked a fire within to succeed no matter the cost.

Now, as one of the world's youngest fund managers, he has the mission of providing good financial education to those who want to learn about investing and setting themselves up for a more prosperous future.

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